Trained, bonded, and insured; what it means for you

Trusting a maid in your home when you aren't there is a big step. If you don't fully know the maid, then who knows what could happen. What if a maid breaks something during a cleaning? What happens if a maid is hurt in your home during a cleaning? Most importantly, can you trust a maid not to steal from your home? Not every maid service is as reassuring as Merry Maids of Burlington.

Smaller maid services may not be as financially secure as Merry Maids. We take very good care of every maid on our staff so that stealing is never an issue. We provide a good salary, thorough training and ensure every maid is bonded and insured.

Training each maid also allows us to create consistency in how every maid cleans. You can rest assured our maid services will be of the same high quality even if your regular maid can't make it for cleaning.

In addition to being fully trained, each maid is carefully screened even before joining our team. A background and police record check allows us to see if a maid is qualified but also guarantees you can trust a Merry Maids of Burlington maid in your home. The fact that our maids are bonded and insured creates peace of mind for our customers. They know their home is protected every time a maid enters the premises. Even if a maid is hurt in your home, the situation can be addressed without any stress or financial trouble for you.


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